Every person has been created to be in communion with the Living God through worship and praise. As we respond to God’s goodness with music and other artistic expressions, we proclaim to ourselves, to one another, and to the world that our God is worthy of glory and honor!

The Worship Arts Ministry provides an opportunity for artists to bring the Kingdom of God into the hearts of our congregation through the prayerful application of music, arts, and technology during our worship events each week. We express our love of God by allowing our devotion to Jesus Christ and our willingness to be guided by the Holy Spirit move us into God’s great presence through praise and worship. 

Our Worship Arts Team is truly privileged to operate as a family - a family made up of many generations! Our Choir members range from age 13 to 82, the band is made up of baby boomers all the way to Gen-Z. We pray together, support each other, learn from on another, and are bound together by the Holy Spirit in worship to God. We love to welcome new sisters and brothers into our little family that serves our larger church family! 


Using our musical talents for the glory of God by raising our voices or instruments in worship to Him is one of the highest callings in scripture. Here at SCC we have many outlets for musical worship expression. If your gifts and abilities lie in the area of instrumental or vocal music please contact Beth, our Worship Arts Director, to talk about requirements and schedule an audition! We are committed to seeing that your gifts are affirmed and given opportunity to grow within the context of a community of faith.


Sound- Our Audio Technicians play as much a part in bringing an offering of worship to God as any other group or individual involved in the services. Audio Techs are very often musicians themselves, or individuals with a deep love of quality music. Please put your gifted ears to use for God’s glory inside our sound booth, and make a difference for the kingdom! 

Media- Utilizing media has become an integral part of our worship experience. Artistic contributions through today's technological advances are growing exponentially. Everything from designing backgrounds for enhanced expression in worship to creating short films to address a specific issue is within the realm of possibility. Included in the media role is the implementation of stage and house lighting. Please put your talents to use for the Kingdom of God in this ever-expanding ministry. Training is available!


The Worship Arts Team is always looking for people to contribute to worship through the creative arts. Be it stage design, service set-up/producers, dance, drama or visual arts, we would love to include your giftings in service.

For additional information, please contact Jed Grooters, Pastor of Worship and Discipleship.

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