FALL 2019

For the past year, Springs Community Church has been pursuing three main aspects of kingdom-life: deep spiritual transformation, empowered witness and sacred friendships. Our call as a church is one where individuals are continually growing in their faith and being transformed by the word of God through the Holy Spirit. One in which people share the life-changing love of God with their neighbors. One in which deep, meaning-ful relationships replace the shallow, social media “friends.” So this fall, would you commit to experience the kind of real life change that only comes from knowing Him? Groups begin the week of September 22.

Empowered Witness: Missing Jesus | Wednesdays| 6pm
Many of us are familiar with the Bible stories about Jesus. But what do we really know about him? Is there evidence outside of the Bible that He even existed? What did He say about science or suffering? Over eight weeks, explore the life and teachings of Jesus and discuss with others in a space safe for questions and wrestling with this history-changing man.

Sacred Friendships: Kingdom-Life Communities | now forming
Explore the five spiritual rhythms of kingdom-life as we grow in sacred friendship together. Kingdom-life communities (KLC) are gatherings of 15-30 people that meet in homes every other week. KLC meetings rotate their focus between building community, teaching and spiritual gifts and neighborhood kindness. KLCs meet on a variety of days, times and locations.

Spiritual Transformation: Apprentice Huddles | now forming

Ready to take your faith journey to the next level? Huddles are groups of 3-7 people committed to true discipleship and leadership development, not merely Bible study or Christian fellowship. But growing and learning in five different ministry areas, including maturing in prayer life, Biblical understanding, care and love for others and sharing the Gospel. Huddles meet on a variety of days, times and locations.

learning, living, loving kingdom-life together
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