Worship Times: 9:00 & 10:45

Church Office: 719.590.1705
Preschool: 719.219.0018

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GLORIFY GOD and find rest in Him forever!

The Worship Ministry provides an opportunity for artists to bring the Kingdom of God into the hearts of our congregation through the prayerful application of music, arts, technology, and drama during our worship events each week. We express our love of God as we allow our devotion to Jesus Christ and our willingness to be guided by the Holy Spirit to move
us into God’s great presence through praise and worship. We join with Jesus and the Holy Spirit in giving honor and glory to God our Father for His pleasure.

“Artists” cover a diverse segment of our society. Artists can be singers, musicians, actors, painters, and photographers. They are writers, illustrators, audio and video technicians, and computer graphics designers. In the worship ministry we have need for all the above and more. Set designers and decorators, stage managers, lighting specialists, camera operators, directors, and even stage hands; anyone wishing to use their gifts and talents to enhance our sensory experiences in worship is, in fact, an artist. Are you an artist?

Worship Team: Praise Band, Praise Singers, Choir, Instrumental and Vocal Soloists

Using our musical talents for the glory of God by raising our voices or instruments in praise and worship to Him is one of the highest callings in Scripture. The entire Levite tribe was ordained into this calling to lead the Israelites in the worship of the One God. God has also bestowed gifts and talents to many today to lead the people of our time into His presence. If your gifting is in the area of instrumental or vocal music, please answer the call to join us in one or more of our bands, choir, or ensembles and find your voice of praise to God our Father.

Creative Arts: Fine Art, Drama, Movement/Dance, Sets/Costumes

Fine Arts… Are you painter, sketcher, or photographer? The utilization of gifts in the visual arts to enhance or complement God’s Word can produce powerful emotional impacts when accomplished under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Please strongly consider sharing your visual talents with us to help communicate God’s Word in fresh, new ways.

Drama… Using our gifts of expression to communicate God’s message in creative ways takes courage and dedication. From simple narrative to full-blown productions, please join us by using your dramatic talents to communicate God’s Truth with a fresh perspective.

Movement/Dance...Coordinating movement to visually illuminate music or words can powerfully impact a message. From choreography to performance, share your gifts to develop effective dance interpretation opportunities.

Sets/Costumes...Setting the scene helps create an atmosphere for the audience before the action even begins. If you can imagine, design, craft, sew or build, we welcome you to contribute your skills to creating costumes, constructing sets and promoting ambiance.

Setup… Worship Arts even has a ministry for the strong and strong-at-heart! It’s our setup/teardown crew. Throughout the year SCC is asked to host events which require the complete removal of all equipment from the stage, and the later return of that equipment to the stage. At these times, “many hands make light work.” If you would like to be called when such events are happening, please let us know. Be strong in the Lord!

Technical Arts: Amplify!!! (Sight, Sound, Light, Clarity)

Our Technical Arts ministry is known collectively as “Amplify!!!” because of their roles in bringing a quality worship experience to the people of SCC.

Sight… The Sight Ministry (computer-based) has become an integral part of our worship experience. Given today’s technological advances, artistic contributions through the computer are growing exponentially. Everything from “just pushing buttons” to designing background graphics for enhanced expression in worship is within the realm of possibility for today’s graphic artist. Please put your talents to use for the Kingdom of God through this ever-expanding ministry.

Sound… Our Audio Technicians play as much a part in the bringing of a memorable worship experience to our congregation as any other group or individual involved in the services. Audio Techs are very often musicians themselves, or individuals with a deep love of quality music. Please put your gifted ears to use for God’s glory inside our Sound Booth, and make a difference for the Kingdom!

Light… Another integral part of the SCC worship experience is that of the Light Ministry. Currently, the video portion of this ministry is automated to the point where our three cameras can all be run and mixed by virtually one person. Stage and House lighting is a subordinate responsibility which will likely grow as the church grows. If you find yourself with gifts in either of these areas and sense God’s call in this direction, please come and participate in our Light Ministry.

Clarity… Running the worship service of today is not unlike running any other dramatic stage presentation. While separate crews are attending to sight, sound, video and lighting, one person needs to be watching over them all as a backup set of eyes to ensure all those elements come together as expected. This person is our Service Director. If you are an organized, multi-tasking person with 360° vision and an ear for music, your gifts are needed in this vital ministry!


use your artistic talents

If you have seen yourself in any of our worship descriptions, or if there is another artistic expression in which you’re gifted that wasn’t listed, and you’d like us to explore it as a possible new area of ministry within our worship department, we’d like you to contact us. All artists are welcome! Come and use your artistic talents for the glory of God!

For more information or to volunteer contact: Ephram Wilkoff 590-1705 x19 ephram.wilkoff@sccrca.org

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